Case study: Marawa the amazing – HEELS ON WHEELS

Original Heels on wheels. Fully functional safe working high heels on roller skates

glitter high heels marawa the amazing


Marawa the amazing world record holder


To design and engineer structurally sound working high heeled roller skates that are safe. The skates can be worn and performed in as a functional pair of roller skates.

Skills and Materials:

The skates are refined to be light, strong, structurally safe, engineered and welded steel shoe.
The skates can take a weight of up to 250 Kilos.

Originally the ‘heels on wheels’ where designed by Hannah Havanah during her MA at the Royal college of Art.

Marawa the amazing found the image of the unique prop skates on line where she commissioned us to make a bespoke functional engineered pair of safe working high heeled roller skates incorporating her own pair of platform shoes.

Since the first commission we have produced four pairs of shoes for Marawa, even a last minute pair for her wedding in LA.

Marawa has also secured many world records in the specialist skates, including fastest 100m in high heeled Roller skates.

Marawa appeared on Britain’s got talent and got through to the finals wearing our high heeled skates!

The shoes can be made to order to fit any shoe, that can then be customised with glitter and sparkling embellishments to add a bit of show biz!

If you would like a personal pair of skates get in touch and we can set the wheels in motion!

Advisory note: Experience in roller skates and high heels is advised to where the skates safely.

More info on Marawa the Amazing can be found here and here.

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