Case study: Retractable KniFe

To design a fully functional retractable knife mechanism to be used for stage stunts

Retractable knife making for stage theatre

We have worked with the Royal opera house since 2002. Our founder Clare was originally assistant armourer for the ROH. We continue to work with the ROH armoury department to this day.

Using engineering skills such as lathes, mill drills and milling machines we can produce any shaped retractable knife as well as non retracting knives. See a few examples below.

Each knife is lovingly crafted using traditional silversmithing and blade smithing techniques. Often accompanied by a hand cut and sewn leather scabbard.

Each knife is made specifically with safety in mind. Each blade is soft to touch but gives the appearance of being sharp due to fine finishing on the steel blade.

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More info on the retractable knives can be found here.


Royal opera house armoury department


Design, and engineer a fully working mechanism for stage retractable knives


Polished steel, wood, polished brass, leather, shellac, lacquer.

Engineered mechanism with specifically custom made springs for exact compression of blade.


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