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Case study: Smart Home EDF Model houses

Unboxing Influencer EDF promotional stream

EDF smart home model


Brilliant Noise, EDF


To create and manufacture a two fully functioning Smart Home Model houses with working lights, television and Alexa to be used to promote EDF products through unboxing influencers.

Creative fabrications was commissioned to make 2 off Smart Home Model houses that functioned using a coded programme dial that gave the illusion of using the Alexa, controlling lighting, musical sounds and a television that turns on.

Skills and Materials:

Bright Noise designed the look of the Model house, creative fabrications constructed, manufactured and produced a high end finish of two functioning model houses.

The houses were made from purple label plywood, with LED lighting coded to respond to dial control and actual furniture models made from Oak and found materials.

All electrics were housed in the drawer below the model house. This also housed the Alexa products and EDF smart lightbulb products.

The finished houses were couriered to influencers who filmed and unboxed live on streaming channels over the internet featured at 7:47 in the video below.

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